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Lighthouse Ministries International

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Eureka, CA  95502-5928

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The Lighthouse
Christian Fellowship

Sunday Service: 10:00 AM
Bay Room, Wharfinger Building
1 Marina Way, Eureka, CA 


Please call between the hours of 10:00-4:00 PST Tuesday-Friday


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Birds Of A Feather

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Birds Of A Feather

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” But have you considered what that means? The Lord, Who created every bird wants to tell you what you may not have heard. During Jesus’ earthly ministry He had several things to say to us about the birds in the parables He taught. In this light-hearted prophecy given by William A. Lee on May 20, 2007 you can hear some of the other things Jesus has to say to us about lessons to be learned from the birds.

Compare notes with Jesus in this interesting prophecy delivered in a poetic, parabolic format. And then, ask yourself this question, “If you were a bird, what kind do you think you would be?” You may be surprised at what can be learned from the birds. Probably more than you may have thought before. This is a fun, easy read that you’re sure to want to share with a friend!