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Lighthouse Ministries International

P.O. Box 5928
Eureka, CA  95502-5928

Office Phone: (707) 502-8079



The Lighthouse
Christian Fellowship

Sunday Service: 10:00 AM
Bay Room, Wharfinger Building
1 Marina Way, Eureka, CA 


Please call between the hours of 10:00-4:00 PST Tuesday-Friday


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Knowing God Personally

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Is God a myth, a figment of man’s imagination or a concoction of weak-minded people? If a loving God did exist and you could know Him, wouldn’t you want to know Him personally? In this compelling book William A. Lee (author of the Honor Series) shares how anyone can meet God, get to know Him personally, and be filled with His dynamic power to help overcome every challenge you will ever face in life. His knowledge of the Scriptures and practical insight, combined with his own personal testimony of how he met God after a lifestyle of drugs and wild living gives hope that you, too, can experience a deep, meaningful and personal relationship with Almighty God.