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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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The Angels That Fell

Many have wondered
And pondered
About the angels that fell

So I will tell
And make known
Mysteries to be shown

Things to be seen
So you can see
What should never
Happen to thee

For in the beginning
I AM God

From everlasting to everlasting
I AM the One
Who hung the stars in the heavens
I made all the planets, too

But before I created the earth
There was with Me
What you now call the angels

For they had a place
Here with Me
And I created many
And multitudes of different orders

I set each one in its place
And gave them each a race
And a purpose, too
Each one knew
Exactly what he was to do

But they did not all stay
In their place
And run their race

For there is one you know
Who started aglow
He was full of light
And he was bright
He was strong with might

He had songs to sing
And music in his wings
For he did worship
Before Me
And declared My glory

But as with all
That I create
I gave him a will
And the right to choose
Even to lose

For I did not desire
To have My house filled
With robots
That know not
What they do

But I filled My house with life
And those that served Me
I gave them the choice
To rejoice
And to praise
And to speak a phrase

But not all were content
in their state
And in their place

Lucifer who stood before Me to sing
Sought in his heart
To take another part
And to be like Me

But he did not see
Where his decision
Would take him

For when I found him to sin
He lost his grin
And his countenance fell

He would not repent
Or relent
Of his evil ways

He started a rebellion
And became the father
Of the lie

For he took flight
To do that which was not right
In My sight

For he became a fool
And left his place
And lost his race

For by him
Many did fall
And all
Were cast to the earth

Where they yet reside
Attempting to sell their pride
And the lie
That caused them all to die

And many there still be
That follow his ways
But in the end
They will be
Just like he
A disgrace to see

Full of darkness
Void of sight
Hell bent on that
Which is not right

And now today
I do say
And proclaim to all
That he was behind the fall

For it was he
That brought a third of the angels down
And it was he that brought man down
All in all he is the one that caused the fall

But each one
That would follow his way
Made their choice
And gave him their voice
To proclaim wickedness
And every unrighteous thought

For he is bent
On your destruction
And will not relent

Until he is sent
To the lake that burns with fire
To help cure his desire
To do wickedness

There was a time
When he took
That which was Mine
For I do declare
That all that I created
Was dear to Me
And he took it from Me

But you must see
That I will not take it back
Because I gave life in kind

And each soul its own mind
And the will to go his way
Even if it’s astray

But now I also say
And explain
And show
Other things to know

For there are angels
And other beings
Here with Me
All from a different order

Some do fly
Some do cry
Some do guard
And some do see
But all do serve Me

And some there be
That went their way
And strayed
In the day
I created man

And in that hour
They left their first estate with Me
Lusting after the daughters of men
That they did see

For I did not hold them back
But I allowed them to go
And gave them the choice
And the voice

But they left their order
And confusion reigned
And brought about a great stain

For the rain came down
And swallowed the ground
And all the inhabitants
Therein drowned

Only one was saved
And his family, too
As I proclaimed
In My word to you

For those that left
Their first estate
Did not calculate
The penalty to come

They only sought their lust
And died in vain
Just the same

So I say
Learn from their way
Seek to live another day

For I give all a choice
To be with Me

And I give all a choice
To have a voice

And I give all a choice
To go their own way
Even if they stray

But if you would stay with Me
Then you will see
That I stand for life eternally
And that which is right
In my sight

For without Me
You cannot see
But blindness will
Overtake thee

But if you will submit to Me
You’ll come to see
What’s really in My heart

And why I set you apart
From all other creatures and beings
Made by My hand

For I made you to bear My glory
To be like Me
To see life
For what it was meant to be

To work with Me
And come to be
My very own family

For when you look at another
You’ll discover
A piece of Me
Looking back to see
Into your eyes

So don’t despise
Your neighbor
Or your brother

But learn to cover
Them with love
And become like a dove
Meek and gentle

It’s the right way
And if you’ll walk in it
You won’t stray

But in the end
You’ll find the light
And that’s its bright
And it’ll lead to what’s right
In My sight

For all things
That are right
Come to the light

But all things Wicked
Seek to hide
In the dark

But all who follow wickedness
Will soon find
How shallow and fallow
The way is that leads to destruction

But there is a better way to go
And I proclaim it so
And it’s found in Me
The One that can help you see

For I am the Giver of Life
And apart from Me
You’ll come to nothing

So come to Me
And let Me bless your life
And give you a purpose
Free from strife

And I’ll show you
Where to go
And how to live

Learn from those
That came before
And don’t go through
That same door

But find the other way
And that is, Me
I AM the Way,
The Truth and the Life

So if you desire to know Me
Reach out and see
Call on Me
And I’ll come near

And help you steer
And I’ll give you direction
Not rejection

So I say today
Come My way
And let Me bless you
And give you life

For I AM the only One
Who can set you free
And show you what life
Was meant to be

But you must first
To follow Me

Come to Me all that labor
And are heavy laden
And I’ll give you rest
And I’ll open up
My good treasure chest

And share my life with you
And all My goods too
For none of them mean anything
Compared to you

For there is nothing
I wouldn’t do for you
Where life is concerned

For I already gave
You My all
And took the fall

Unlike the angels
That left their first estate
I made a way for you
To come back through
The Gate
And return to Me

For they left
Their first estate
And thought sin was great

But you’ve lived with sin
And you know deep within
That it’s rust and decay
And it’s not the right way
That leads to life

But when I died on the Cross
It was to set you free
From the sin
That entangled thee

For Adam was seduced
And brought about the fall
of all

But I now call
You to come back to Me
So you can live and see
What I have in store for thee

And though you were born in sin
I can redeem you from within
And give you My life
Free from strife

And teach you to know
My ways
And walk in them
All your days

Consider what I’ve done
And consider your ways
And consider the angels that fell
Now destined for hell

And remember,
To you I also gave
The choice
And a voice

For I will not force you
To walk in My ways
But I invite you
To come unto Me
And you’ll see
That I’m gracious, indeed

For not many
Have known My ways
In the days
Of men

Not many have seen
Into My heart
And known to depart
From evil

But there are a few
Who have looked
To Me anew
And you can, too

Rejoice and be glad
There are no more days
To be sad

For I say, peace
And good will to all
Who will answer My call

Who hear My voice
And make a choice
And walk righteously

There is no back door
And there’s no other way
So don’t be deceived
And think to say,
“I’ll go my own way”

For there is a way
That seems to be right
But the end of that way
Is death

And for those that would think
That I would try to sell
A nursery rhyme

And don’t have the time
To consider what I say

Fail to see
There’s more to Me
Than you know

For I’m not a man
That I should lie
Or the son of man
That I should repent

So go your way
And consider what I say
But choose to live
Another day

And call on Me
And begin to see
That I truly am He

And can set you free
From all that would hold you down
And bury you in the ground

Rejoice and be free
And come to Me
For I am He

So says the Captain of Salvation
The Writer of Revelation
The Final Destination

For My name is Jesus, the Lord of All
July 26, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded by Linda I. Lee



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