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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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So Let It Be

Who would see?
Or know My mind?
Who would instruct Me
In kind?

How shall one see?
Unless they listen
To Me?

For I do have all power
And all wisdom
With sound advice
That should not make
You think twice.

If you hear My voice
And make a choice
To follow Me
Then you will see
What I have in store for thee.

For all the blessings
That you need
Are in My hand
And by My Spirit
I can cause you to stand.

I can show you how to walk
And how to talk
And how to unlock
The mysteries hidden in Me
That have been laid up in store for thee.

But do not play games with me
For I can see
All the hidden intentions
Of a man's heart.

So start out each day
When you pray
Looking to me
To point the way.

If you will listen
You will hear
A whisper in your ear
When my Spirit draws near.

So be still and know
That I love you so.
Know that it is in My heart
To set you apart
For the days that are to come.

I have things in store
And a new, open door
That will bring you to see
A new future
And a new destiny in me.

For I do have a purpose for your life
But it will not be found
When you're in strife.
For you must be willing
To adopt all my ways
And follow me all your days.

Open my book and start to gaze
Then begin to find
every phrase
And every promise
that I made to you.

Then you'll begin to see
The kind of life
I really have in store for thee.

Then you will begin to know
How to ask of me so
That I can bring to pass
All that is in your heart.

I will give you a new start
When you begin to gaze
Into the things I have in store
You will see all you need and more

But you must prepare your heart
And set time apart
To be with me.

Hear what the Spirit is saying
To the Churches
And to all that would hear
And draw near.

In Me you will find
The peace of mind
That you have sought
Many a time.

And you will begin to see
All that is in My mind
And heart for you this time.

For all purpose and hope
Is found in me
So ask of me
About the desires
I have placed in thee.

For is it not written
In my book
"You have not because you ask not?"
So ask and see
What I will do for thee.

But do not ask
Because you lust
For if you do
Your request will rust.

It will tarnish before your eyes
And you will despise
The day that you asked
Of Me.

But let your requests be sincere,
Honorable and true,
Then you will really see
What I can do for you.

Also ask in faith
And believe
that you receive
What you say
When you pray.

Then I will do
Exactly what I promised
By my Word
to you.

Do not wait to believe
Until you receive
If you do this
You will not receive
Or in anyway please me

Have you not heard?
That I am good to My Word?
I will keep it and you will see
But first you make a choice to believe.

Believing is not hard
It is simply a choice
To agree with my voice
Before you see
the delivery.

So now I have shown you the way
How to walk in victory each day
And how to ask of me
And see it through to delivery.

So don't waste any more time
Follow me
And I will show you the way
And I will keep you
Day by day.

Thus says the Lord of the Church, Jesus

June 12, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                    - Recorderd by William Lee



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