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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Time By The Hourglass

Soon time shall be no more
And what you know today
Will have gone by the way

Time is truly like
The hourglass
And soon the sand
Will run out

But time with Me
Is not the same
It is more like a door
I walk through
To come see you

For I reside
On the other side of time
And where I live is sublime
And pristine

Not like anything
You have ever seen
Nor ever known
To this day

But it is as real
As the flesh
You feel

But realize today
That time is running out
And I want all My people
To be about

The business at hand
Which is the commission to go
For everyone that knows Me
Has a place in this hour

And none shall be left behind
For I have many things in mind
To do
But I need you

So I appeal to all
That will hear these words
To come to Me

And find out
What I want you to see
So you, too, can grow and go

For soon this hour
Will come to an end
And then
No one will work

So if you would be willing
To accept My appeal
Then here is the deal

Come and work
In My field today
And I will show you the way

Follow Me
And I will bring you
To the place
Where you can be
A special blessing to Me

And I will make you
A blessing
To others, too

For when you give Me your best
I will do the same
And you will find
That every need will be met
In kind

But be willing
To give your life away
Starting today

If you will give it to another
In My name
You will in no wise
Lose your reward

And My reward
Is not to be scorned
For it is more
Than you know

And I will give it to all
Great and small
That will give Me their all

But how you measure it
Is how
It shall come back again

So I encourage you
To dig in deep
And don’t hold back

For if you believe I AM
Then believe I CAN
And believe that I WILL
To all who hear My appeal

Get involved
And find a need
And go fulfill it, indeed

For I will tell you
Only the truth
But you must decide
To go for the ride

And if you will learn
To let go
Of the little you have
And put it into My hands

It shall be blessed
And come back
Pressed down
And shaken together

So come to Me
And ask
What I would have you do

And ask Me
What I would have you
To support

And you will no longer
Have to resort
To having your cup half full

For I have plenty
But I want you to learn
To let Me flow in your life

For I desire to flow
Through your heart
And teach you the art
Of sowing

And if you will open
That gate
Then I will show you
Where to plant

And if you will
Grant Me
What I ask

You will at last
Find a harvest
Greater than anything
You have yet
Come to know

Learn to sow and give
And find out
What it really means to live

And walk in My ways
And your days
Will be like heaven on earth
Full of mirth

I delight
In the prosperity
Of those that do right
In My sight

Soon time will be no more
And your opportunity to sow
Will have passed
And harvest will be over

For I declare
This is the hour
Of My harvest

But many of My people
Are at rest
And at best
They shall fail to see
True victory
In their life

So come and see
There is much to be done
And I need you to be one
That I can count on
In this last hour

Shall you be the one
To bear My power?

Or shall I give it to another
Along with the reward
Both in the present
And in the Eternal Day?

Either way,
Make up you mind
And make the right choice
To go with Me

And consider My ways
And live to see
Better days

Life was never meant
To be a haze
But it will be
When you fail to follow
The truth you know

For if you forsake the truth
You will only find confusion
To be the road sign ahead

So don’t make your bed
With a lost
And dying world

Instead be Mine
And let Me bless you
In kind

But be willing
To follow My ways
And I will surely

Bring you to see
A harvest
Only I could give

Abundant and great
So don’t be late
Because the hour
Is later than you think

And I don’t want
Your boat to sink
For the world is set to sail
On the Titanic

And they have nothing
But a one-way ticket to sell
So don’t buy it
Because it only leads to hell

So forsake the world
And don’t get on board
Instead get into My boat

And I will help you to sleep
In the midst of the storm
And bring you safely
To the other side
When you ride with Me

So get in because
My boat is leaving the dock
And the clock is ticking

For I tell you the truth

So come sail with Me
Get involved and see
I will bless your life abundantly

Jesus the Captain of your Salvation

August 14, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                       – Recorded by William A. Lee



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