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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Wednesday, September 05, 2007  


We have now started with pre-production of a new documentary style television program called "Searching For Truth." The series will be taped in HDTV in natural outdoor settings making a presentation of the Gospel in an interesting way. All for the purpose of reaching out to the general public with a message of truth, to a lost and perishing generation.


Television Outreach

We have begun pre-production of a pilot show for our new documentary-style television program called "Searching For Truth."

New Prophecies 

The Plight Of The Dinosaurs 
Time Is Running Out 
Take Flight Before Night 
Be Like A Tree 
 The Moon Shall Be Struck 
Make A Special Place 
Draw Near And Hear 
Religion Is A Thief 
Do Not Be Deceived 
Think It Through 
Come And Be One
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The Lord has called this ministry to take a message of hope, wisdom and understanding to the masses via television, tapes, books, the Internet and any other media available both now and in the future. Our desire is to teach, encourage and disciple everyone who is ready to leave the wilderness and take the Promised Land, living in the fullness of all that God has made available to those who will...  Read More >>

The prophecies found one this website were delivered by myself (William Lee) and my wife. They are the result of the prophetic calling and anointing He has placed on my life. We take no credit for authoring any of these. We were only the vessels through which they came. We are both very honored that the Lord has chosen to use us in such a mighty way for His glory, and to tell His story. And all of these prophecies are dedicated to Him and to His glory.  Read More >>
This ministry has been given a fresh vision and mandate by God to begin to produce a weekly broadcast quality television show that will reach out to the general public in a new and unique way. As many already know, most people in the United States, Canada, Europe and many other countries today have become very jaded and turned off by the Church and Christian television. Let's face the facts: most people today are not interested in going to church and show little to no interest in the things of God as a whole, much less attend some evangelistic outreach, or watch another lukewarm redone religious television program. Nevertheless, these people need to be reached...  Read More >>

We are currently producing two different television programs!

 Lighthouse Messenger

This is a new outreach to the church. In time it will be a weekly teaching program discussing the prophecies and messeges put in the heart of William and Linda Lee. A fresh word from the Lord in due season to help Christians mature in the ways of the kingdom.

 Searching For Truth

This is a new and unique production primarily designed to be an outreach to the lost. In time it will be a weekly production we hope to ultimately air on primetime television. We will be presenting the Gospel in a whole new way to this generation. The program will utilize natural settings to discuss and reveal God’s glory as revealed by nature. Taped in a documentary style in high definition outside under the trees, at the beaches, next to rivers and in the mountains. Designed to reveal the truth and present the Gospel to the general public.

You may have heard it said, "One word from God could change your liife forever.." Friend, the next few moments could change your life forever. If you are truly interested in connecting with the God who created you, please read on and seriously consider this wonderful message of hope…   Read More >>
Early one Thursday morning I was headed into the office to meet another big deadline. Listening to a CD while driving my convertible in the fast lane at 65 mph, suddenly in my peripheral vision I saw a red car cutting across two lanes about to broadside me! I took evasive action, which…   Read More >>

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PRAYER  - We encourage you to not only submit a prayer request but also to pray for the other requests already published. Please do not put personal information about yourself or others in your prayer request... no last names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Please keep your typed prayer request short...
    read more... 

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VISION - This vision was originally birthed when the Lord had spoken to us to move to Eureka, CA and start a church. He made this abundantly clear by His word with signs following. Most of all, we were led by His Spirit and His great peace. So my wife and I moved to Eureka, CA with the intention of starting a church. Since we had no manual on “How to Start a Church from Scratch,” we sought the Lord and...                  read more...

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WE BELIEVE - We believe... that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit... ...       read more...

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Questions: Did these Prophecies come out in songs? When I was young I used to hear songs in my head but since we didn't have a piano and I didn't know how to play or how to write music, I just wrote down the words. My mother put them all in a book and called it "My Book of Poems.  But they were too dark so eventually I threw them away. These seem to be full of life, which makes sense since they are from God. Thanks for sharing.    -Linda B., Fort Wayne, IN

Partner's Praise:  Your "Searching For The Truth" television show is great! We love the way it is filmed in natural outdoor settings. Your questions are so thought proviking. These are the kinds of things we've always wondered about too. And your answers all make perfect sense. We look forward to watching the next episodes.   
- Frederick Scott, Pittsburg, PA

Questions: Your prophecies are really interesting. I've never seen anything like these before in this poetic format. Are you sure you didn't have any training in poetic prose, etc.? It's hard to believe that these all came out in rhymes. Amazing!    -Kimberly C., Minneapolis, MN

Partner's Praise:  The "Searching For The Truth" television program is an awesome idea! We love the way it is filmed in natural outdoor settings.  It's about time someone had something of real interest with intelligent discussions without being "religious."    -Theresa W. Eureka, CA




Searching For The Truth - New HDTV Television Series

We have begun pre-production for our long-awaited pilot show of our new documentary-style HDTV television program called "Searching For Truth." The series will be taped in natural outdoor settings made for presentation in an interesting way for reaching out to the lost.

God has shared His heart with us to reach out to the general viewing audience with interesting programs taped in natural settings on relevant topics that will draw them in and gradually bring them to the truth about God and His nature and character. We will be teaching life lessons with practical applications by asking intelligent questions and giving a godly perspective in the natural settings – under the canopy of tall trees, next to rivers and streams, at the seashore, on the mountaintops, and so on.

We want to impact the quality of people’s everyday lives with the truth, knowledge and understanding that Jesus, the Truth, is real, alive and relevant today! 

 We Are honored To Have You Vistit Our Website

Our goal is to teach God's uncompromised Word through the tremendous media available - television, radio, print and the Internet. We thank God for giving us the privilege and opportunity to minister to you. We hope that the anointed teachings and other ministry tools found here will bless you and help you in your daily pursuits. Everything we do is designed to:

  • Introduce you to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Mature you in your walk with the Lord until you are enjoying the daily benefits
        of your rightful inheritance
  • Equip you to share your love for Jesus Christ with others
  • Provide a prayer base of support from which we can proclaim the Good News 
        of Jesus to the nations.

You will also find links to other Christian sites that we recommend, many of which we have supported for years.

You can access William's teaching outlines and study notes, an online Bible for your personal study (feel free to use it as often as you like), Partner Letter, articles, prayer helps and many other resource materials. We pray that every time you visit there will be a word in due season to help and encourage you. We hope that you like the Lighthouse Messenger website and will use it frequently. The Lighthouse website is updated regularly, so bookmark our site now and plan to visit often!

God bless,

William and Linda Lee
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